Thursday, August 19, 2010

Only In Mexico

So I am sitting here getting pissed off while trying to figure out where all of my savings went.

$60 on tow straps, $20 for a new trailer hitch, $189 to register my car in Texas, $27 for the emissions inspection, $25 for a Texas Driver’s License, $100 for bus tickets for my in-laws to come from Hidalgo del Parral to visit, $169 for dress clothes because my new job only has casual Fridays, $200 for my first Verizon International phone bill, $128 for my now ridiculously expensive car insurance with Geico, $24 for an oil change, $105 to have some dumbass change my trailer tire in a moment of I-10 E desperation, $20 in ice before purchasing appliances, $55 to set up internet/cable/phone, $170 for a used refrigerator and washer, $800 for first and last months rent on this Mexican palacio, $270 for new front tires on the Trailblazer and my personal favorite, $465 for gas for 2 trips to and from Arizona to Mexico and trying to find my way around El Paso and Juarez. Oh yeah, that’s where my savings went…

Juuuuust when you think nothing can cheer you up, you see this:

(They are driving 70 KPH down a main road by the way) Why strap it down when you can just hold it… literally?

Only in Mexico. =)


  1. This is so scary but you see it all the time here. Just found you blog and I look forward to reading more. Are you actually living in Juarez? What made you all choose to live there, I'm just curious?

  2. I am living in Juarez. We decided to move to Mexico because of my husband's immigration ban. Due to ongoing financial obligations from things such as student loans we had to pick a border town so that I could continue to work and earn a US salary. We decided on Juarez because of the economic situation in El Paso compared to other border towns and because of it's proximity to my family in the US and my husband's family in Chihuahua.