Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Spring Break In Pictures

My son showing off the speaker he made for his iPod... out of Legos!

I got to cook quite a bit at my mom's house, which is one of my favorite things to do.

These boys are getting so big!
Sam and his boxer, Drake, are best buds.

I made this SUPER simple cheese Danish casserole with Sam's favorite crescent rolls.

We love to play card/board games at Grandma's. This one was pretty cool but my fave is Rack-O.

I love all of the quirky décor at my mom's. She's badass.

I had a blast horsing around with these 3 boys. <3

My parents' backyard as the late March snow began to fall.

Because my nephew is awesome and so is cheese.

Hitting up Original Pizza, my favorite restaurant in Blue Springs, Missouri.

This one speaks for itself.

Waiting at KCI for my flight to Dallas and it's really coming down hard
but unfortunately my crappy phone camera didn't capture that.

I was sitting on the ground feeling sorry for myself when this amputee came by on crutches.
#perfecttimingGod #thankyou

I'd never boarded a plane when it was snowing this hard!

They had to ice down the wings 3 times!

I made it to Dallas alive and was left with 6 hours to drown my sorrows in a Cinnabon and stare at my feet.

The aftermath of a week of rough-housing with the beast that is Drake.
It was well worth it.
Came home to a lot of homework...
The dogs get stressed when one of us leaves on vacation.
Now that I'm home, Lucy can finally relax and take a much needed siesta.


  1. Interesting blogs. How often do u get to see your child and why does child not live with you in Mexico? I realize its not safest place but what are your reasons? If I missed it in your blog I apologize.

    1. I was just wondering because I'm a female military soldier and we leave our children and its very difficult at times.

    2. I see him about 3 times a year. He does not live with me for reasons having nothing to do with Mexico. He has been living with my sister for years before I even thought of moving to Mexico. I haven't blogged about it yet because I am not quite ready. I may never be. It is a very difficult subject for me. It is extremely difficult and I am sure you can relate being in your situation. Also, thank you for your service.