Sunday, March 24, 2013

Airport Adventures & The Power of Positive Thinking

I got to the airport on Saturday around 4:00 pm. My first flight was originally supposed to leave at 5:40 but after 11 text messages from Southwest Airlines about changes to the flight time they finally determined that we'd leave at 8:10 pm. I was sad, as usual, not because of the delay, but because I was leaving my little boy and that's always ridiculous. It's so irritating and I can't even begin to explain the feeling. I can't really explain my family situation to most people. They don't seem to understand. I immediately came into the airport and went to the Tequileria and did 2 double shots of Jose Cuervo Tradicional. About an hour and a half later I still wasn't feeling any better. Shocker.

I heard a lot of people speaking Spanish. A group of 3 women and a man were taking pictures outside in the snow because Kansas City was in the midst of a blizzard. They were drinking a six pack of Bud Light and I still can't figure out where they got it from. They were just sitting right outside of the airport doors, drinking their beer. I kind of gave them a heads up by letting them know that you're not allowed to drink beer in the doorway of KCI but they didn't seem to care. They were in Spring Break mode. Clearly. Then I sat on the cold tile floor next to a payphone which I'm sure no one cared about because no one uses payphones anymore. Underneath the phone booth was an electrical outlet which was the 8th outlet that I'd tried to put my phone charger into and the first outlet that actually worked. I didn't get to sit in any of the comfortable faux leather seats with electrical connections but ni modo.

I bought a pack of cigarettes because I was so stressed out about leaving my family. This is nothing new. I smoked my cigarette and watched the Mexicans get in trouble for drinking outside the gate and met Wild Bill who works for SWA. He came right outside with a big smile on his face and told me that he was "chipper." Being that I was still in Missouri, I wasn't sure if he was telling me his nickname or describing his current emotional state but he confirmed pretty quickly that he was just happy to be getting off of work. He told me that he had 4 Budweisers waiting for him in a cooler in his car and fully intended on drinking a few roadies and taking the back roads home. He said he was really excited because he had a beautiful girl and a bottle of Bourbon waiting for him at home. My kind of guy.

I wasn't supposed to leave Kansas City until 8:40 but somehow got put on a flight at 6:30 so I was pretty excited. When I boarded, our pilot, Paul, was outside helping put our bags away (in the snow) so that we could leave earlier. Ain't that some shit? If the pilot's actions don't give it away, the flight crew made it clear that I was on a plane full of bad asses. They were hilarious and that bit of humor was just what I needed to brighten my day. Southwest has a rep for having a quirky staff and Flight 2092 sure didn't let me down. It's hard not to laugh when you hear, "If you want a reading light, press the overhead button with the picture of a light bulb to turn it on. However, if you press the button with a picture of a flight attendant, it will not turn us on." With so many people in a nasty mood over the flight delays, this was the perfect example of the power of positivity because the crew's humorous introduction and safety display clearly made every passenger's anger melt away. That happiness lasted a while but when we found out that we would be stranded in Dallas until 1 am due to a snow storm in Denver, the anger and frustration came back to us.

I love to watch the camaraderie of strangers during a flight delay. Nothing bonds people more than being angry at the same person or organization. At that point, everyone hated Southwest, no one was ever flying Southwest again and Southwest was full of shit and lying about the weather delay. It's all their fault and we hope they rot in hell. All I could do was laugh. Wanna be friends till we board?

It's ridiculous but I love to see strangers talking to each other. It's usually those who would have never spoken to anyone on the flight if everything went as planned. But because of a delay, there is this common bond. Children are teaching random strangers how to download and play Angry Birds and their parents are turning the other cheek. They just smiled and nodded in a situation that would normally warrant a, "don't take candy from strangers," speech. People start deserting their luggage to go to the restroom and leave their cellphones plugged into a free outlet at the next gate over, where they can't even see it. It's pretty hilarious.

There was an interesting mix on this flight. It's always interesting when you're traveling to the Borderland. It was mostly army wives and typical El Pasoans. Basically, it was a flight full of down-to-earth people who were more than willing to make new friends. I got some really weird looks as I called my mother in law though. Something about the random white girl speaking Spanish just gets the people going. Whatever. I was just trying to distract myself from the fact that I had to leave Sam from the millionth time.

I really wanted to wash my hair but the bathrooms at this airport sucked. There is nothing I hate more in airports than faucets that turn off automatically and bathroom stalls that open inward. Dallas Love Field is the worst airport to get stuck in during a late-night delay because not only do their bathrooms suck (can you say carpeted walls?) but every single kiosk, store and restaurant closes at 9:30 pm. Luckily, my absolute favorite thing about the Dallas airport is not the restaurants but the boot watching. This is where I've seen the most bad ass boots ever. Weird boots, cowboy boots, stiletto boots, boots with sweater material, come fuck me boots, boots for days. I don't know why but I truly enjoy watching them. It's a fucking boot show! I know. I'm crazy. But at this point, I'm just trying to think positive thoughts. Boots baby.

These are my airport adventures. I get to have these adventures quite a bit but it just makes me so sad that my husband can't join in on any of it. I travel quite a bit, going back and forth from Mexico to Missouri a couple times a year and taking trips for work. I always seem to be by myself. Traveling alone. I see all the couples in the airport and I just can't help but be a bit jealous. I fantasize about my husband being "legal," one day, and being able to travel with him. That would be fantastic but for now it's just another dream that's sitting on the back burner.

He's never even been on an airplane before. When that day does come it's going to be pretty fucking exciting. I just know that it will be so amazing that it's going to be worth all of the waiting. Sometimes I feel like most people who get to travel with their loved ones are taking the whole thing for granted. I see all sorts of couples fighting in the airport and they're pissed off because their flight is delayed and this, that and the other thing. You know, they're mad because their Hawaiian vacation is being put on hold because of a snow storm and I'm just looking at them, dumbfounded, thinking, "How can you not be ecstatic that you're here with your husband or wife?"

It's just another one of those situations that God has put me in in life for whatever reason and it makes me truly be grateful for the little things. It's reason 428 why I am happy that my life has had the ups and downs that it's had because it's just made me a more appreciative person . So I guess I'll just keep on dreaming and taking my flights and maybe one day, Gordo will be sitting next to me on the plane.


  1. Emily no sabia que ivas a ver a tu bebe. Te entiendo mas de lo que te imajinas yo se muy bien lo que es dejar a un hijo y uno tener que irse parese que tu corazon se parte en mil pedasos y no hay nada que uno pueda hacer a ti te toco haorita en marzo y a mi me tocara ir a dejar a mi hija de 2 anos en mayo a mexico para que se quede con mi esposo. Y yo se a lo que te refieres cuando dices que te da envidia cuando ves a couples together a mi me pasa igual que dios te bendiga amiga y que te de mucha fuerza

  2. I didnt know you were from Missouri! Im in St. Joseph. Gotta love good ole KCI. My husband boarded a plane on 2/9 from KCI to comply with his vol departure date and I had one of the worlds ugliest cries in that airport. Think Kim Kardashian cry x10. Yes, that ugly.

    Next time you come up to see your son I can be at the airport with a big group of people to greet you with posters and hugs and a case of beer in the car and maybe itll make your travels not so lonesome. And you can cry on my shoulder and get snot all over me when you leave too, if you want. Hugs!!!!

  3. Big hugs mama. I am actually in the middle of a trip back home to see our stateside family right now as well (also in KC! What are the odds? Too bad I didnt know you were here or we could have had a mexi-blogger meet up, not that you would waste your family time on that, but it might be fun anyway !). It SUCKS to travel without my husband. Always. People always ask if Im a single mom, and where my husband and why he isnt traveling with us. Its like salt in the wound, all the questions and assumptions people ask. Ofer and over and over again.

    Especially customs and immigration officers, with my babies that have a mexi-american last name (my passport hasnt been changed yet) .

    One day.