Friday, November 2, 2012

Burrito Crawl Success

Gordo and I are forever in search of the perfect burrito. Part of it is because of our insatiable craving for Filiberto's and part of it is due to our boredom and lack of having our children here with us. Some weekends we can be relentless as we go on a treasure hunt for the perfect combination of meat and tortilla.

A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon a place that topped the charts. This restaurant apparently has no name and is conveniently nestled on Tecnologico in seguidita de Galarias Tec. When I asked their name they informed me that they hadn't decided yet (although they've been there for over a year) and that many refer to them as Burritos Tec. We pulled in with hesitance as there was no obvious parking space. When you veer off Tecnologico you arrive in what appears to be a greenhouse. Plants and flowers galore. You could park approximately 4 cars under their carport adjacent to the "restaurant" and the rest is left to your imagination. Mexicans always seem to just figure it out. The place was packed that morning, as is any place that offers menudo on a Sunday in Juarez.

You gotta kick the cruda somehow, right?

When we entered we were greeted with open arms. The woman at the front counter happened to be the owner (duh) and instantly asked if we had any trouble parking. She gave us an overview of their specialties and it was clear from the straight-away that menudo was the name of the game but I just couldn't hang. I ordered a burrito. Deshebrada a la Mexicana, which is what I order at every burrito stand. My husband teases me for the monotony but it's like my score card. How else could I compare them all?

Their version was insanely superb (i.e. mouthgasm) but I was even more impressed with their customer service. A smile makes the meat taste better. They were so nice and offered us free caldito, explaining that it would make us want to come back, again and again. They were right. I felt less drunk almost immediately. This place was over the top delicious and I couldn't give it a higher recommendation.

They offer all of your typical guisados. Prensado, chile rojo, chile verde, frijole, deshebrada, deshebrada a la Mexicana, winnie and chile relleno. I'm sure there are a few more but I can't remember (beef coma.) The most expensive burritos, like deshebrada of course, were 20 pesos. Other choices were 15-20 pesos. I added queso asadero to my burrito, as always, and they still charged me 20 pesos. Maybe because they saw future gringo dollars or maybe because that's the price or maybe because I look like a fucking movie star. I'm not sure.

They had a poster-board sign advertising their breakfast special with a black Sharpie: Two eggs, a guisado of your choice, beans and tortillas for 35 pesos. Their salsa bar was fantastic and had some of the best salsas I've had here in Mexico. Above all else, I was impressed with their customer service though. As a lot of you know, that is a biggie with me, and is practically non-existent in most of Mexico. They were extremely nice and had lots of menu suggestions for us. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who lives in the area or is passing through Juarez.


  1. Hahaha "or maybe because I look like a fucking movie star" - love it :)

  2. Genuinely jealous. Seriously can't find a good burrito in this friggin' city. Every one I've had has been more of a 'wrap' than a burrito. :S No taste. Just bland.