Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celebrations & Normalcy

Do you ever feel like you have so much going on, yet so little to talk about? I'd like to make a promise to myself to blog at least one a week, yet feel like my life happenings are so irrelevant and boring. Who in the hell would want to read about them? I'm not sure, but I have to attempt to keep my promise.

This week I passed my CA exam for the State of Texas. It was a big deal for me as it was the hardest test I have ever taken and I swore up and down I had failed it. Without getting into details about my career (because trust me, it will bore you), the test was on entomology, biology and Texas agricultural laws.

Gordo had been promising me that if I passed he would take me to Las Alitas to celebrate. I would love to go out to dinner all the time, but financially, we just can't swing it. We had only been out once since we moved to Mexico last August. It was very nice. Las Alitas is about 2 minutes from our house and boasts an online menu of US style burgers, wings and ribs in both English and Spanish, which impressed me. They are a national chain, a la Chili's or Applebees.

I was very impressed with the food, the service, and the price. For $26.50 US we got an appetizer, 2 entrees and a pitcher of beer, with plenty of leftovers to take home. The manager came by our table twice to ask how the service had been. It's only a few minutes North of the US consulate, on the same street, so those visiting should totally stop in. It was so nice to get out with my husband. We are super simple people, not the type to have fancy dates. Dinner and a movie is a big treat for us.

I appreciate our simplicity and I touched on this in my Valentine's Day blog... but I think there is something special about your spouse being your best friend. I wouldn't say I had such a great impression of marriage in my lifetime. Divorce is always an option. As an adult, the concept of actually liking my husband, and not just loving him, is seriously amazing. The fact that if I could go dinner with anyone, I would choose him, is something I never planned on.

We had a great time and finished the night off with movie marathon, fueled by the woman on the corner who sells 3 new releases for 50 pesos. Good times. Normal times. A normal life is something I thought we could never obtain. But as soon as I could adjust my view of normalcy, we were living it! So for everyone out there that is pissed off about the United States and whether they can or cannot live there, try to remember, life goes on. You can still move forward. Marriage isn't about where you live, or what your job is, or about legal status. It's just about being together, wherever that may be, and loving each other for who you are. I'm not trying to make it seem easy, because it's not. It never is. But it is always in the realm of possibility, regardless of your situation... And once you cross into that reality, well, there's no going back. And who would want to anyway?



  1. Bravo! I am in complete agreement, I always tell Jose that no matter where we end up, we're going to be there together and life does go on. I'm happy to hear that things are finally working out for you guys, I've missed your blogging! I look forward to your weekly updates, and nothing is boring to us because it's so different from our lives!

    Salud! Krystal

  2. I <3 your updates! It makes me wish we lived closer, because I want to go with you guys on a double date to Las Alitas! You two are living proof that we can't allow borders or immigration laws control our lives. Life is made to be lived! Keep rockin'!!!

  3. I love your posts and Im glad you will be writing every week. I love seeing other pictures of real hope and love out there. Thanks for being so honest in your writing.

  4. All things are possible as long as you are together. I hope me and my husband are brought back together soon.