Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Out and About @ La Rodadora

I try my best to keep up with the immigration forums and Facebook groups so that I can answer questions from people who are visiting the US Consulate in Juárez for the first time. People are worried for their safety and obviously stressed beyond belief about their pending cases, but surprisingly, they're also looking for fun things to do during the time consuming process.

If I was just passing through, I think I'd be content to lounge in the hotel room the entire time, but well, I'm a sloth. So for the rest of the world, who is nowhere near as lazy as I am, I've decided to do my best to feature some fun things to do while people are in town.

Just a mile or so from the US Consulate, next to Parque Central on Avenida Tecnologíco and Teofilo Borunda you will find one of the coolest children's museums ever. If you ask me, it's up to par with the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix or Kaleidoscope at Crown Center in Kansas City.

There are a ton of science and art related exhibits that are geared towards children of all ages. And as you can see by the pictures that follow, Ray and I were more than entertained spending the afternoon finding our inner child. Another thing I loved was that everything was written in English and Spanish, and even the museum guides spoke both languages at most of the exhibits. 

At 60 pesos for general admission, 30 pesos for the 3D movie (we caught a special with friends about the Great White Shark) or 79 pesos for both, it was well worth the fun we had.

Getting ready for the 3D movie!

The archeology exhibit where kids can get down and dirty in the sand looking for fossils and whatnot.

Ray on the flight simulator.

Yeah... I don't know.

Raymundo learning about physics as he's lifted on a bed of nails!

All different types of poop. For your viewing pleasure.

A mini grocery store where little ones can enter on their own and make their own purchases with Rodadora dinero.

Too bad this isn't a video or you'd get to hear me laughing hysterically as he fell seconds later.

Raymundo vs. Robot. Guess who won?

The beautiful library that we were told would be public eventually.

Plenty of photo ops throughout the museum, with props! (Yeah, in case it isn't obvious, these aren't our hats) They even asked for our email addresses so the museum could send us copies of the pictures!

For just over $6.00 US, it's definitely a good deal if you are searching for something entertaining in Juárez that is less than a 5 minute cab ride from the consulate or maybe 15 minutes from the El Paso border.

Hope you get a chance to check it out!


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