Saturday, August 17, 2013

Old School Blogging: 5 Things

It used to be that the only people who read this blog were my parents, grandparents, Zoe and a handful of people in the expat/immigration community but ever since TAL aired I have a few new readers. So I suppose I should let you all know a bit more about me. It comes at the perfect time because I was tagged in a post last month and have yet to respond. One of my favorite bloggers, Leslie Limon, well known for her beyond amazing food blog, La Cocina de Leslie, tagged me in Old School Blogging: 5 Things in her other blog, La Casa de Leslie back in July. I know it's been a while but there's no time like the present, right? Sorry Leslie! ;) This month... errrr... last month, they're asking us to tell five things about ourselves. These types of surveys are always fun for me. Brings you right back to the late 90's, AOL days, when you'd stay up until 3 am instant messaging with friends.

5 Things I Have a Passion For

Reality Television

5 Things I'd Like to do Before I Die

Help my father build a house
Take my husband  to Sunday dinner at my mom's
Get to my goal weight
Create something of greatness that changes lives 

5 Things I Say a Lot

I'm obsessed
Who's excited?
Positivity is infectious.
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S (telling my husband how to spell congratulations)

5 Books/Magazines I've Read Lately

This Love Is Not For Cowards by Robert Andrew Powell (fuck yeah)
Women, Food & God by Geneen Roth (just another AFGO) 
Jemima J by Jane Green (for the millionth time)
El Huesped by Stephenie Meyer (my first book in Spanish!)
Good Housekeeping (my sweet mother sends me a subscription as a gift every year)

5 Favorite Movies (aka hardest question EVER)

The Breakfast Club
Thomas Crown Affair
Angelitos Negros
Requiem of a Dream

5 Places I'd Like to Travel

San Salvador, El Salvador
Hidalgo del Parral, Mexico
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
Genoa, Italy
Saint Gallen, Switzerland

5 People I'd like to tag...

Giselle from The Deportee's Wife
Frank from Burro Hall
Corin from Corin in Exile
Sara from Rebelde Pequena

PS. Thank God I don't know everything I know.


  1. Jajajaja, Zoe reads you. Of course, she does. She knows good writing, irreverent postulations, love of family and a woman of grit, when she sees (err reads) one. Nancy D. pointed me in your direction when I was still in Mazatlan. Something about a love affair between a pit bull and poodle or some such hilarity. I was hooked, so keep on truckin'.

  2. I absolutely love The Breakfast Club and keep a copy on my DVR just in case. When I win ½ a billion in the Lotto I’m going to start racing boats, it looks like fun if you have the money.
    I added Enough to my Netflix queue so I’ll let you know. I can’t tell you how much I love Requiem for a Dream. There are little parts that play back through my head on a regular basis. I love the desperation of all the people in this film. I can’t think of another movie that is so raw other than “Trainspotting.”

    1. Well Justin... you're a bad ass. I have The Breakfast Club on VHS, dvd and saved to my computer. I even have the new High School Special Addition, which I purchased a couple of years ago because they FINALLY added Spanish subtitles and I really want Ray to see it. Well, he hated it, didn't get the jokes, etc. Lost in translation I suppose. Requiem for a Dream is the most realistic movie I've ever seen in my life. It's ridiculous. You must watch Enough. Please let me know what you think. Glad to see another film fanatic! Take care.

  3. I heard your piece on This American Life recently and finally made it over here. I love your blog! I spent the entire day binge-reading your amazing blog!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! I'm all about binges so go on with your bad self.

  4. Hi Emily,

    Whenever it was that TAL aired, I sat in my car outside my apartment building listening, riveted. This morning, I took up a 2014 goal of catching up on podcasts and began listening to TAL again, not realizing it was the same one I had heard some timd ago until I got to your segment. Then I heard the bit about the blog and a Googl-ing I went!

    I, like Sarah, have spent the evening reading your posts. And I will continue to do so until I get to 2010 :) I know a family that is in year 6 of the 10 year ban, they live in Querétaro. Also, have you read/heard of the book Amor & Exile? My friend there knows the author, who also lives in Querétaro with her family.

    I think it is a neat, small interconnected ex-pat world that you read Jill's blog (Loving the Land of Flour Tortillas), I know her personally, she is a remarkable woman! She is one of the reasons I ended up living and working in Mexico (Morelos) for 5 years!

    Wishing you much luck, fewer car problems and stressors! I feel your pain about Bank of America, I didn't know it had changed as have been stateside for over a year now. It was such a great thing while it lasted.

    I think your writing style shows talent, honesty and makes an impact. Is there any way you can harness some of your internet addiction, writing skills, and need for stronger finances into doing work online? I know someone in Cuernavaca who was doing that, perhaps still is and I can find out the name of the site if you are interested.

    I am a little out of the blog loop and do not know how to leave this comment...I think anonymous sounds the easiest.

    Sigue adelante y cuidate mucho. Gracias por compartir y educar. Saludos a Raymundo.

    Erika Klotz

    1. Thank you Erika. I do know about Amor & Exile. Nicole is actually an online friend of mine. You can check out her personal blog in my blog roll as well. The "exiled" expat community is certainly a tight-knit one, to say the least.

      I have thought about working online, but nothing that I've stumbled upon seems to equal the pay I'm getting from my 9 to 5 in El Paso.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and hope you stick around. Thanks again.