Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012

I got to watch, first hand, as one of the best friends I've ever had crossed the Mexican border, back into the US, with a fresh Visa in her husband's hands.

I got to hear my son play the harmonica, recorder and best of all, the guitar.

I saw my little sister Molly walk at her high school graduation.

I got to visit my besties back in Arizona. "Don't thank me, thank Truly."

I talked to my Grandpa David for the first time in years.

I got in the most random car accident ever and somehow, but the grace of God, didn't hurt anyone else.

My big sister got engaged! Finally. And can I say damn?! ;)

The company that I proudly work for hit $100,000,000 in revenue for the first time ever.

My son got an email address!

I lost some good friends and gained knowledge and new friends in the process.

My husband registered himself to go back and finish la prepa (high school.)

I met a couple of badass New Yorkers who gave me more confidence and direction in regards to what I want to be when I grow up. <3

A stranger paid for my order in the McDonald's drive-through, just because.

I learned how to make a pizza dough that I actually like. I'm not quite at Barro's level but I have acheived success with my calzones!

I passed all of the tests to get fully licensed in the industry I work in.

I watched the Mr. Jones video by the Counting Crows on YouTube 428 times and never got sick of it.

My Dad was in the US and had the chance to see my son for the first time in too long.

I spent an entire day on a pontoon boat with my parents, big sister, soon to be brother in law, nephew and best of all... SAM.

The world didn't end.

I spent the entire year with my husband, uninterrupted by ICE or court hearings or sentences.

Thank you God.


  1. Beautiful blessings in your life! Way to stay positive through the mud :)

    Mucho amor, Krystal

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