Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lisa's Monthly Survey

I can always count on Lisa over at From One Country To Another to bring me back to the days of AOL and MySpace with one of her fun surveys. I love these and I always have. I love filling them out, I love reading other people's answers, and I love having something to write about that doesn't involve contemplating the meaning of life. Thanks again Lisa ;)

1. Name three things you have a fear of:

Car problems, birds and not living life to the fullest

2. Cheese or Fruit Pie?


Long or short hair?


Small town or big city?

Big City

Blue cheese or Ranch?


White or Wheat Bread?


3. Have you ever won a contest?

I won 2nd place in a writing contest last month at work. My cheerleading squad won 2nd place at our state competition back in the day. In middle school the intramural volleyball team I was on won 2nd place at finals. I get 2nd place a lot. I'm okay with that.

4. Would you rather camp out or stay in a Hilton?

I love to camp. That's something that really blows about Juarez because there really isn't anywhere to camp or fish. Pull up a map and look for the nearest body of water (that isn't in the US)... You'll be looking for a while. Although my tent and sleeping bags are getting pretty dusty I can easily say that I still prefer living in Juarez with the conveniences of city life to living en el rancho and being on a permanent camping trip.

5. Have you ever had surgery?

I've had a tonsillectomy and a cesarean.

6. Are you a planner or go with the flow kind of person?

Before we moved to Mexico I was a complete planner. I still have my moments where I try to control each and every aspect of everyday life but for the most part I have come to the realization that I have no control over God's plan for me. I feel oddly at ease with the realization. I'm sure it's the Mexican way of life rubbing off on me and I know it's a good thing.

7. If you could have anything to eat right now what would it be?

A ham pizza, easy on the sauce from Barro's Pizza with a side of Honey Hot wings and ranch.

8. What is your favorite type of flower?

Bleeding Hearts. Weird, I know... A lot of people aren't familiar with them so here's a picture. My mother had these growing in our garden when I was a little girl.

9. Do you remember your dreams? Do you have any?

I have been remembering my dreams a lot more lately. In the mornings after I cross the border I usually nap in my car for 30-45 minutes before work and I remember almost all the dreams I have during that time. I dream about everything. Sex, flying, cartels, food, family, winning the lottery, you name it, I've dreamt it. I've dreamt that my teeth have all fallen out and that I've been shot and that I find a dead cat in my fridge and that I'm a famous food critic. I dream big and I dream vividly.

10. What do you miss most about your childhood?

I miss my adolensence more than my childhood, but I guess it's one in the same. I miss being irresponsible and not caring about the consequences. That sense of freedom was exhilerating. And pink Hostess Snoballs at Dad's house in Kansas City on the weekends... I miss those.


  1. That's another thing, I miss be ing able to be irresponsible and not have to worry about consequences except for getting myself grounded!!!

  2. The Bleeding Hearts are just beautiful! I've never seen them before! You have great dreams too! :) I think I'm going to participate in this too!

  3. So glad you joined in. I love doing these, it seems to take my mind off things for awhile and hope it does that for everyone else. I have heard of those flowers before but have never seen one up close. They are beautiful.

    Jackie feel free to join in. I love hearing everyone's answers.

  4. Love the bleeding hearts! My grandmother had a bleeding heart plant in her garden <3