Monday, January 9, 2012

Cold Weather Solutions

When it's in the 30's inside your house and you run out of propane and you don't get paid until tomorrow:

We get pretty creative when we're cold...

(Disclaimer: To be used in conjunction with the rice sock, long underwear, scarf, hat, gloves and a carbon monoxide detector. Do not use if there are children in the house. Do not leave unattended. Turn off 30 minutes before going to bed.)

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  1. What are they and how does it work? Hubby has a 8 month old grand baby in the house and it gets cold.

  2. Are those the tinhgs that come in a gas heater? And how did you get them out?

  3. I tried to figure out what it is but I give up....

  4. I'm clueless, what are those??

  5. Those are the bricks that are inside our propane powered heater from the late 80's. If you take the metal grate off the front of the heater, you can slide out all 7 of the bricks. They heat up to the point that they glow a bright orange color and hold heat for quite a while.